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"Mr. Wesby, we met in Harvey's in Waynesboro a couple of years ago. I began trying your product and since that time, I must say that it has been a life-changing experience in my kitchen.  Just wanted to drop a line to say congrats.  Your product is making a great impression on my family and friends.  Although I do not make a big contribution, it is enhancing the flavor of all our cooking to the extent that we have all but done away with using salt as a seasoning due to the flavoring of your product. I will be so enthused when others get on board with your product and realize the value that it can bring to their lives for health purposes."
– Mrs. D. Scott, Waynesboro, GA


"On Friday night, I marinated me two chops to broil and didn't marinate the others, because they wanted them fried. Stephen and my son ended up eating both of my marinated chops. I only tasted a little piece, and they were so good. The next day, I marinated chicken wings. This time, my mom and everybody came to eat. They licked their fingers ... it was so good. Even my three-year-old niece had four wings. So, I seem to be using [Don's Seasoning Delight] everyday. Oh, and yesterday, I marinated chicken strips and sauteed them with onions that I dipped in the sauce. Wow! I can still taste them. My son does not eat onions ... but he ate the onions in the sauce. I think we are the poster kids for Don's Seasoning Delight." 
– Angela Peters, Orangeburg, SC


"I stopped into Don's wife's gift shop and bought a small bottle of Don's Seasoning Delight after she told me about the finger lickin' good wings Don makes with this sauce. She told me that I would be back for a bigger size. The rest is history. She was right. I stopped in for more, and I won't be without it in my home. I use Don's Seasoning Delight on EVERYTHING! I marinade, bake, broil, inject, just about anything you can think of in DSD. Got my family from Wisconsin hooked on it when they were visiting here in South Carolina. Now I'm picking up gallons of DSD and sending back to Wisconsin."
– Sandra Boucher, Aiken, SC


"Well, it all started when 'The Mighty Peanut' suggested I try this seasoning sauce he referred to as 'Chef in a bottle.'  Needless to say, I acquired a bottle.  And, as we say in radio, 'The Party Got Started.'  I went shopping and bought some ribeye steaks and seasoned my meat with nothing but Don's Seasoning Delight.  I added no other flavoring.  And when I tell you that the steak melted in my mouth, I mean it!  Steak without sauce ... I could not believe it!  Please try Don's Seasoning Delight for yourself on any meat ... you will simply love it."
– Selina Soul, Midday Air Personality, 96.3 KISS FM (Clear Channel, Augusta, GA)


"When I first heard you talking about [DSD], I said there's no way something could be this good.  I just thought you were trying to sell it.  I bought a small bottle and cooked with it.  My 15-year-old, who I could never get to eat vegetables, tried them with DSD and now eats any vegetable I cook with DSD.  He even eats them raw by dipping them in DSD.  Now, I only buy the big jugs." 
– Ms. Sanders, Aiken, SC

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