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Don Wesby proudly displays a bottle of Don's Seasoning Delight while holding his trophy from the Harvey's Supermarket Sizzlin' Flavor Festival.


Donald Maurice Wesby is the creator of DON'S SEASONING DELIGHT, and owner of Wesby's Products & Services. In addition to distributing his seasoning throughout the country, Mr. Wesby also serves as a motivational speaker to encourage youth to believe in God, get a good education, and to make wise choices. He also loves to share his story recounting his journey as a young boy growing up in a small Georgia community to now becoming the creator of his very own product. 
"DON'S SEASONING DELIGHT was developed for my personal use. As I was looking for a unique and bold flavor to enhance the taste of my favorite dishes such as pork chops and chicken, DON'S SEASONING DELIGHT was born."

"My original plan was to open a restaurant to share with the public this wonderful taste that my family and friends have enjoyed for several years. I put God and my family first, and I realized that operating a restaurant would be very taxing on my time, and I could not make that sacrifice. I asked God to show me how to continue His great works, to be there for my wife and kids, and to provide this gift to all who desired it.

"A friend asked me to prepare my famous chicken wings for him and some friends. Time did not permit me to do that. Instead, I gave him a jug and provided instructions on how to make the chicken himself. Not only did he do the wings, he prepared pork chops and said his family raved about the food. He shared his delightful experience with me and others in our work group, which caused others to begin requesting the sauce. This was only the beginning!"



"God answered my prayer. Instead of opening a restaurant, DON'S SEASONING DELIGHT was His blessing for me, which allowed me to continue His great works, spend quality time with my family, and be in everyone’s kitchen at the same time.

As the quantity of users grew, so did the uses of DON'S SEASONING DELIGHT. It has exceeded my wildest imagination and has truly been a blessing for me and the many people who use it. I thank God for His blessing and you for your support."


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