Local Entrepreneur Receives National Contract

Local entrepreneur, Donald Maurice Wesby, is one of 18 children born to Charlie and Ethel Wesby of Waynesboro, Georgia.  Donald learned from working on his family's farm the meaning of responsibility, hard work, and helping others. Now, the Aiken resident's all-purpose liquid seasoning and marinade, "Don's Seasoning Delight," has made its way to shelves outside of the Central Savannah River Area.
As a new supplier to the W.Lee Flowers Distribution Company (one of the largest grocery distributors in the region), Don's Seasoning Delight is now warehoused with the company who then ships the professionally bottled product to over (130) KJ's, IGA, and Piggly Wiggly grocery stores in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.
Wesby's product has been professionally bottled since 2003 and has been carried in CSRA grocery stores, area meat markets, and variety shops since that time.  For most of that time, Wesby personally stocked and delivered Don's Seasoning Delight to roughly 30 stores and conducted in-person tastings while working full-time at the Savannah River Site.  
In addition to the great soy-sauce base flavor, Don's Seasoning Delight is a healthy product with no carbohydrates, no fat, no sugar, no MSG, very low sodium, and only five calories per serving. After nearly 37 years of employment at the Savannah River Site, Wesby plans to retire this year and focus on opportunities with the school systems, hospitals, food service providers, etc., who need to provide flavor for food without unhealthy additives.
Don's Seasoning Delight can be used on meats and vegetables as a marinade, a condiment, baking, grilling, and injecting.
Wesby credits this success to his relationship with God, his work ethic and family values instilled in him as a child, and all of the support he's received from his wife, Donna Moore Wesby, his children, family, friends, and to those who consistently purchase the seasoning and tell others about Don's Seasoning Delight.  To learn more of Donald Wesby's delightful story, to see all available locations, including recent additions of Food Lion stores in the CSRA, and to order online, visit the newly re-designed website www.seasoningdelight.com.