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Cookin' with DELIGHT ... Easy as 1, 2, 3

Try the DELIGHT specials listed below.  Recipes will be updated periodically on this web page to reflect the huge variety of ways to use DON'S SEASONING DELIGHT.

Don's Delight Mix

Don's Delight Mix is a combination of water and Don's Seasoning Delight (DSD).  The recommended mix is a 3-to-1 ratio of water to seasoning.  For example, for one cup of mix, use 6 oz. of water to 2 oz. of seasoning. However, use any ratio combination that suits your taste.

Canned vegetables: Drain the original contents. Place vegetables in a cooking pot. Add the DSD mix. Heat and simmer until done.

Fresh/frozen vegetables: Add the DSD mix (from above) and cook until done.

Heat/serve meats: Place heat/serve meats such as meatballs, little smokies, and etc. in a warmer, slow cooker, or stove top pot. Fill with the DSD mix, and simmer until ready to serve.

Don's Delight Mix

Cooking Meats with Don's Seasoning Delight

Place your favorite meat in a baking pan. Pour on DSD so that the liquid is level with the meat. Cover and place pan in oven. Bake at 350-400 degrees until done. To brown or make your meat crispy, remove cover and bake or broil until desired results obtained. Broiling only takes a few minutes, so don't leave oven unattended.

Finger-licking Good Fish

Marinade raw fish in DSD prior to battering. Bake or fry fish as you would normally. Brush on DSD as a glaze.

Back for More Burgers

Place ground beef in a mixing bowl. Pour on DSD about 2 oz. per pound of meat. Add an egg and mix together. Make patties. Grill patties on inside or outside grill or fry in stovetop pan. 

Frozen burger patties: Place frozen patties on the grill. Cook until done. Remove from grill. Place in pan and sprinkle on Don's Seasoning Delight while hot and serve. 

Injecting with Don's Seasoning Delight

Shake DSD well and fill injector. Inject approx. 2 oz. of DSD per pound of meat. Let stand for at least an hour (increase time as desired) before cooking. 

As a Condiment

Shake DSD well and sprinkle onto your favorite meats and vegetables. DSD is excellent on plain or oriental rice. Place DSD in a container and use for dipping.

Don's Fried Wings

Marinade wings in DSD at least two hours or increase time for better absorption. Drain excess seasoning before placing wings in a deep fryer (unbattered) and cook on 350 or 375 degrees until done. For unmarinated wings or stronger flavor, allow excess grease to drain and place wings in a large pan or bowl and sprinkle with DSD. Toss and swirl wings in seasoning while still hot.

Mushrooms Delight

Sautee mushrooms in butter or your preferred cooking oil (optional). While mushrooms are cooking on medium heat, sprinkle with DSD and simmer until mushrooms are tender.

Delightfull Meatballs

Use fully cooked frozen meatballs (plain or Italian). Place frozen meatballs in a steamer and steam until done. Sprinkle meatballs with DSD (while steaming) and lift and shake to rotate meatballs around for sprinkling. In a separate pan, mix one part DSD with three parts water (enough to submerge meatballs). Heat and serve.